Can you hear me weep
From this hole so deep
I’ve dug my path
To the world underneath

Can you hold this light
Till I pass out tight
I want to be with you
Till it turns blue

So long, so long
You will cry when I’m gone
But I know you are strong
Let’s drive till it’s dawn

Can you hear me smile
I know it’s been a while
I would sit for hours
to listen your plan of ours

Can you wait for me
Or count to just three
I’d promise I’ll return
If only I could earn

So long, so long
In a world full of wrong
You are my moonlight
This will be our last fight

So long, so long
This battle is now done
Will you keep me
in the midst of your palm

So long, so long
I am now at peace
So don’t worry my love
Stay with your beloved dove