Hello again stranger,
have you come to hear a tale.
Come watch the trailer,
and then choose to play the game.

There are no controls,
your wits are all you’ve got.
Lose and we take away your souls,
that’s the twist in the plot.

Travel long and far to be alone,
travel together to be known.
Travel or you will be thrown,
to the moon for there lies your throne.

Your skills are all that you must hone,
only then, you will shine on your own.
Find the key and the gate shall be shown,
in the light of darkness, do watch your tone.

Moments will come and moments will go,
but you will never be without a foe.
Worry not, for the princess is safe,
only you can dig your own grave.

Stopping is not an option for the warrior within,
all this time the line only grew thin.
Win this and the game will end,
some rules the world will also bend.

Wonder where you at in a world so vast,
after all we all are but slaves of the past.
Pray o pray we meet beyond the field someday,
let the grass grow green again as we grow grey.