There, as I stood watching over,
the innocent smile of yours as you leaned forward,
I tried my best, but couldn’t move any closer,
as I saw the smile fade away as if it were altered.

I looked down, at my feet which refused to move,
ask why can’t it go any closer towards you,
I looked up and tried everything to improve,
but you had already given up, to something new.

I looked back, to find a world long past gone,
You were still smiling, as if it were tiny dots.
Couldn’t we go back and stare again at the dawn,
when I could still move and hit all the right spots.

Wouldn’t that be something, to go back in time,
Would you do anything differently, knowing that where we’ll be.
Would you have even started, instead of leaving halftime,
or would you have tried desperately to make me agree.

I hope we would go back though,
cause that way, I would know,
if there was ever anything to flow,
looking below and refusing to grow.

Could I stay here for some more time,
As if you were still here, holding tight on to the light.
Could you stay here through the nighttime,
And wait till it all goes so very quite.

No, but I know you won’t stay,
for you have to be somewhere,
with someone else till it’s grey,
After all, to answer it all, it’s only but, fair.