My Bucket List

My Bucket List


Everybody has a wish list. A bucket list is similar to a wish list, only with more determination on the tasks to be completed. 🙂 

Things you would wanna do. People you wanna beat up! 😉 Foods you would wanna taste. Places you wanna travel to. Cultures you wanna experience. And so on and on.. So little done, so much more to do.. Wait for me world, I’m on my way.. ^_^

Here’s my own bucket list: 

  • Eat Ramen.
  • Learn swimming.
  • Learn to eat with chopstick.
  • Visit Antarctica.
  • Travel world seas for a month at least.
  • Visit Bermuda Triangle and return.
  • Visit a wine taste party.
  • Do Scuba diving.
  • Learn salsa and tango dance styles.
  • Perform at a function as lead guitarist.
  • Spend an evening with a Ted Mosby “The One” in Paris.
  • Do Bungee Jumping.
  • Spend a week in Amsterdam.
  • Walk into a high class restaurant in shorts.
  • Ride a horse.
  • Sky Diving.
  • Para-Gliding.
  • Spend a day in Disneyland, California.
  • Live at least for a day in an igloo.
  • Participate in La Tomatina.
  • Wear something epic to a Comicon.
  • Visit here All of em.



It’s in no order or way. I just write down whenever I remember something. 😛

This list is far from completed.. And is being constantly updated. 🙂