Kumar Anirudha

That’s Me 😀

Hii there.. This is Kumar Anirudha. I’m 21

Thanks for dropping by the site. I’m a computer science grad, fun adventure loving and love to roam around with no destination whatsoever in mind.

Now clearly, I’m a great IronMan fan as I’m a Jack Sparrow fan 😀 But then Tony catches my eye more.

World as we see is a big camp, and I leaving behind everything I’ve achieved or not, gained or lost, took those tiny chances or let it go, I’m as if now just a man in the camp.. trying hard.. to get out.. and bring some real changes to the unfortunate world.. You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one.. 😉

Keep up else you’ll fall back 😉 See ya around buddy 🙂


My Page http://anistark.github.io/

My tech posts moved to my new tech blog <\>

Wanna stay in touch? Fork and follow me on github 🙂 https://github.com/anistark

Follow on twitter 🙂  https://twitter.com/kranirudha

This page is far from done, and not likely to be updated very soon as well.. 😉