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A new direction

Today I felt like writing again.
Time has been just passing by at an unprecedented level. I thought I was toughening myself. Turns out I got weaker, slower, older.
Some things can be got back. Spatial thinking, imaginative stages, simulations. I rely on more data now. Having learnt data can show an entirely different reality is just so alluring. And yet might seem so very pretentious. It’s like the real face was there all along. Only we were too busy ogling the made up fake twin. We let other’s ideas of perfections get to us. We let it eat us up, corrupt us, deny us of everything we truly wanted. And somehow strangely enough so, we agreed to it. We made peace with the fact that we’re not meant to be. We both looked into the abyss and we both blinked. We couldn’t look past our differences, our out lavish nature of not following rules. Our sheer urge and love for a certain perfect image that corrupts even the most dedicated and loyal of selves. We start fooling ourselves. Look for distractions. Sometimes we find the perfect distraction and try to go back to a place which now has been forever corrupted.
We just ruined our future with anyone but ourselves.

We are scared. Seeking a tiny light of hope and delight. We hover around each other. Still clinging on to the reality on other boat. Gazed so long at each other trying to read between the lines that now, we can’t even find the lines. The lines becomes a dot and suddenly a full circle. We start believing out own lies. We start falling for our own con. We just made ourselves obsolete. We ceased to exist…

This emptiness is defying. Really revolting. Can’t bear it much longer. But there’s nobody else here to complain. Nobody to listen. Cause the only person to listen was us. And we drove each other obsolete. We start questioning reality. We start making an imaginary friend. We start a conversation which knows no end. We get back on the chase. Only this time, we are in control. It feels great. Triumph on some parts even. We can’t believe we cracked it. All the time humanity had and nobody had the answer to this? So many sufferings for this? We start believing the oasis is real. So real, that we start swearing by it. We make it holy. We start preaching by it. There’s always at least one more person who wouldn’t believe it. The non-believers. The critics. How can they not see the gold that we’re holding in our hands. That we want to spread and share and teach everyone how to get more of. We want to liberate everyone. We want to spread of the secret of happiness. We are the new ages prophet. We’ve heard the voice and we’ve responded. Why wouldn’t these simple minded people believe us. We’ve enough credentials to show them of our struggle. Oh look, they’re laughing at us, mocking us, doubting us. They think we’re bluffing. They assume cause we look simple, so we can’t hold anything of value. They can’t be more wrong.

Suddenly I felt a hand hold me. Pulling me out of what is now a deep morning dream. Or wait, was it a nightmare? The burden which up until now was weighing me down is now suddenly lifted. I feel lighter and more hopeful now. The possibilities are still endless. It’s all still possible. We just gotta touchdown and bounce back. But, it’s gonna be difficult this time. No harness. So, we gotta jump low and slow and let the wind carry us to the world which needs us to be ruled. We knew we were destined to rule and serve at the same time. We just didn’t knew which one was what. So, once I’ve seen your fate, I can be sure of mine. Specially cause you were in such hurry to prove yourself. The only way to travel fast is to cut down the threads. The only to learn from here is to know which threads to cut, which to loosen and which to let remain cut.

We are here to serve and rule. Serve must always take precedence. For the ruler to rule, there needs to be someone to serve.

If everyone could, everyone would be kings and queens. The world wouldn’t need us. The world needs but our vision. It needs to driven. Only this time, we’re in control. We are ready. And we are coming…

The complicated response

Life. It’s so complicated. Right? Makes us question our simple decisions. Even the ones that we think don’t matter. What if we were to choose differently. What if we chose the chicken instead of pork or to watch cricket instead of chelsea match. How does it even affect all our judgements and in turn our life? How on earth are we supposed to know what is right to do and what is not. We can’t even decide which shirt to put on in the morning before office. We can’t decide weather to listen to Blink 182 or Black Sabbath. How on earth are we supposed to recognise the right from wrong? The ultimate truth from the ultimate remorse. The fallen with the enlightened.

So many question haunting us each day. Right? And most of it we are still wondering on ur heads even now. How can we know make sure what to even think and what to ignore and move on in life. Well, life is a complicated thing after all. Maybe we are not supposed to figure out everything after all. Maybe we will know when it’s time to know. And we will act when it’s time to act accordingly. We might just step into the someone else’s shoes and act unnaturally for a while. Try filling the eternal void with things and people who don’t belong there. But eventually someone somehow will come and rescue us. We all have someone we can rely on. May it be the dad , mom, sister, brother, lover, or the dearest of friend. But then again, what if we don’t recognise whom to rely on. Quite disturbing, isn’t it?

Freedom to Think can sometimes be contagious

Freedom to Think can sometimes be contagious

How about we don’t think of anything. The good. The bad. None of it. What then? Will we cease to exist? Will the distractions and need of ours suddenly change? Will be gather enough courage to let go? I guess we won’t. Humans by nature tend to return to the thing they want the most. Even when they don’t know that they want it. So, Let’s step back a while and reflect upon the last 2 years of our lives. What were we doing? Who were in our life? Are they still there? Who left? Whom we left? Why? Who came? Who stayed? Who cared? Who tried using us? If you can answer all the questions of those correctly, maybe your life ain’t that messed up as mine.. But let’s pretend we all are sitting on the same boat anyway. Would you tell me the answers to all of those? Or would you just ignore that and move on with what it is you were doing? Don’t ignore.. Not yet at least. We are not done yet. There still are a million and more questions unanswered. Are you curious enough to ask me to ask you to answer them? Maybe not. But you do want to know the questions. Right? That is the basic of what we have become now. We don’t listen others to understand the gravity of the situation or to understand what the person means. We simple listen to others because we need to respond. We’ve programmed our brains to respond to anything and everything coming from everything and anyone no matter if it matters or not. Because we ultimately do not think about what matters anymore. Let’s turn the page up and read again of where we started of from.. It all matters.

So, lets all take a moment to grasp the dire need of the situation and analyse what has been the most thoughtless moment of the day. You are devising a response to all that read right now. What if I told you, Scratch that off. We don’t need a reply here. All we need to think of what we are doing with our lives right now. 

I’ll give you some space to think.. Let me know what you thought.. 

Oh wait! That would be a response….. 😉

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