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With the last light of Autumn,
When the withering leaves the rhythm,
He who wrote so seldom,
Drowned now in his own kingdom.

With the first snow of Winter,
When the howling wolves gather,
She who once rode the panther,
Flew away before the last lead wither.

With the scorching heat of Summer,
When all of forest cries of water,
He who waited with all hope in quiver,
Remembered the last December.

With the rains of sweet Monsoon,
When they both once danced in lagoon,
She who came to replaced his favourite cartoon,
Now miles apart celebrated with another new moon.



The 4th of December

run run run

run run run

Woke up early morning,
thought I heard my alarm ringing,
excitement it was that’s singing,
only one song in my head pinging.

Had a few biscuit bites,
packed away my stuff as per my might,
locked away the doors and windows tight,
walked to the bus stop in the morning light.

Waited for the bus while making plans of kol,
Called the cab when that seemed off the poll,
Bangalore traffic took on quite a toll,
Reached the airport with minutes to goal.

The counter attendant denied the boarding,
Had the convince her with my own risk taking,
Had to convince the queue that my flight was leaving,
Made it in flight only to realise how good I’m at running.

Hunger and thirst almost took my life,
In-front of me was only the Business Times,
Got stuck in between two sleeping girls,
Jeffery Archer do comes to the rescue of all of us.

Found taxi went on a two day strike,
Buses were slow and time was flying like a kite,
Reached to meet the bday girl riding the tide,
Special lunch with food and the company was a delight.

Went strolling with my best friend in EcoPark,
Such peace fell upon us with the fall of the dark,
Alas, had to leave cause of the train to embark,
But the day had made it’s unfathomable mark.

The last ride of the day slowly chatted on,
Asked the cabbie to do me a favour and step on,
Ran across the station to the platform and jumped on,
Almost missed yet again as I ran on.

 — The invincible runner

Life at 23

I guess writing is now a quarterly thing. Believe it or not, I’ve been meaning to write since a long time now. Just never got through with the lazy no-time cursing part and to the actual writing part. Well, here I am.

Life Awaits you on the other side

Life Awaits


But now that I’m here, I’m not sure what exactly to write. But I guess I’ll write something that’s been stuck in my head since a long time now. “What am I doing? Who am I doing it for? What’s my purpose?” Maybe some of you can relate to such questions. Maybe not. Either way, you are at a stage of your life where you have some important decisions in your life. Some decisions that you might not be sure about yourself yet. But you’ve made them nonetheless. How asking yourself now, “How many people actually benefitted from that decision? And has it really, no I mean Has it REALLY made the change in your life that you were expecting? Are you happy about the decision?”

Too many questions. But then life’s one big question in itself. Anyways, what does a normal 23 year old guy do? Well, I wouldn’t know. People call me weird anyway. And I don’t blame them. But I’ve been trying to figure out what exactly does a 23 year old guy do anyway. I left my old job at ProvenLogic. Joined Opinio couple of months ago. Got my first Bike. And drove 250+ kms straight up on one side of the trip. The return, we of course found a shortcut. The journey is yet another story. 😉 Wait for it fellas!! Got my dream phone. Yes, the iPhone 6s at a price where everyone laughed at me. Literally. But who cares. Nobody plans on future saving at 23 anyway. Though my bank manager keeps telling me otherwise as she tries to lure me in different schemes of investments. Lol!

And so, that’s what I’ve been upto during my last few months. Lately, I’ve been bored and running out of things to do. Or maybe too many to do at once. And then none to do at times. Life’s been irregular. And my plans seem to have ditched me. 😛 Well, what can you expect from someone who dedicatedly lives the No-Shave November. Lol! My office mates literally freaked out when I did shave. And yes, So, I broke the November record. But this time I went on till more than a month. Now, that’s a new record! Achievement Unlocked! 😀 Ok, I’ll send someone to that prize for me. In the meantime, I went to my first rock concert. Slash was in town and I had to see him. (Thanks to a friend of mine who informed me though). And glad that I went. Been a long time since I spent any time for myself. And I loved it.

Well, Ya’ll Good folks who are still reading my boring life, here’s a good thing that I learnt. Life lesson learnt number #whocares : “Heart comes first. Live with no regrets or don’t live at all!”


Cheers Mate!




Life @ Jolu Final year

hola y adiosLife came by s surprise when I actually started missing this college just when it was my final year. This was to be said the most eventful year of mine. Went to Pycon India, bangalore at the beginning of the year 😀 Now, that was quite an experience. Came back with new friends and some friends whom I met over the summer vacation in globsyn who made my life a huge turning point. Android became an integral part of my geek self. And now python was another part that I couldn’t survive without. So, had to return to college quickly cause of the rumor of CTS coming in quick but then they got postponed n later ended up taking very less students which led the rest of students to get heart-shattered over the mere question how were they not able to clear CTS apti.. 😦 I was one of them. But we gathered ourselves up and prepared for Odessa which I didn’t go to cause it was held in kolkata but my friends none of whom were selected anyway. They returned and next company on campusing was Keross. Only one student from our dept was selected and we waited for next company Ericsson. Fortunately I was selected in Ericsson n got my letter just before the 7th semester exams. At least I could celebrate Christmas nicely 😀 God, I was happy that I had everything I wanted. 😀 And I still thank my mom dad for supporting me all the way.

Then got busy with Jeclat– Our annual cultural and social fest of Jalpaiguri Government Engineering college. And I was in-charge of all web stuffs. so I made the website, an online treasure hunt with my two friends, and then a social networking site for JGEC, jolites 🙂 We launched it during opening ceremony of fest.

Fest went in al busy and afterwards left us with w whole lot of work including our college project. My maternal grandpa passed away during that time 😦 and I had to visit Ramsagar, Bankura then. It was a hard time for the family. 😥 But I came back eventually and there we were trying to understand Matlab and the image processing system and all. Arrggghhhh our mentor was so irritating.
Soon, we got over with all of them and slowly the 8th exams neared and we got busy with exams. I had parcelled my stuffs home with Jiwan so I was left with little luggage to go home with. My mom had an operation scheduled so I had hurry back as soon as I could. There were so many friends who came  to see us off. 🙂 I was overwhelmed by the strong bond we made in-spite of the differences we shared. Most of time in 4th year, I spent in room 229 ( some’s and jiwan’s room ). Damn I’m gonna miss all those moments in there. All the fun P, Some, jiwan n me had. All those LH ground adda with tannu, payel and chippu. It’s all but a sweet dream now. 🙂 ^_^

It was a long and tiring jouney. But If I had to live it again, I wouldn’t change a thing. 🙂


–Signing off Jolu.. logo_adios




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