A word which draws you in and draws something else out
Living each day like you’re fighting a battle with no end full of doubt
It’s only a matter of time with each passing second they shout
Tonight is the night which you can’t live without

Was giving it all not enough for your soul
Is this the best they can play in a single role
Too much to handle you finally go out for stroll
Only to find it’s just another deeper darker hole

Perplexed with the sound of a space within the unknown
Desperately trying to breathe in a wind that hasn’t blown
Deep down all hope vanishes into a world of its own
A ray of sunshine is but written only on a stone

Would you give up now and look ahead to a world of sand
Dark cold miserable as if you were the only one banned
Would that still make you hope for another touch of hand
To restart in a world of illusion that comes in it’s own new brand

If only it were a dream disguised as a nightmare
If only I could hear you past your final dry tear
If only you would come back as the answer to my prayer
If only you weren’t just so very rare

Something hit my toe and I stood up alright
Looked down on the light that shone so bright
Scared I left it alone fearing another big fight
Maybe it was life telling me that the time is just right.

Finally I get a raven carrying your news
Couldn’t believe you were so easy to lose
As I opened my eyes I only saw the blues
Maybe this is life of what we merely choose.