They said it all, for they were the first to say it
Don’t do this, that, and manipulated the way to do it
Do this and this again, for this is the way to exist
Whatever happens next will be anything but candlelit

But have you ever nodded at the grim and not freaked
Have you ever looked into the abyss and not blinked
Have you ever gone beyond and not shipwrecked
Have you ever seen love and not be tricked

For them I say, if I say so myself at all

Don’t do it for the people sitting to critique
Don’t do it for the words only written to your memento
Don’t do it cause someone just asked you to be unique
Don’t do it for anybody less than the woman you are into

Do it, for that is the right thing to
Do it, for that will set you free in ways you never expected to
Do it, for the crying lamenting cheer that comes through
Do it, for it is what you are always meant to do

Whatever we ever said for all the long lost art that was left behind
Whatever we never said for the coffee sitting cold in the corner of the bistro that died
Whatever we ever hoped for the date we wished for and turned to go
Whatever we never felt for all the people who felt right on vertigo

For if this is all that I say to you
I would rather say it none, but pray for you
For if that might not workout as we believe it to
We would at least have us, still hoping someday, to run again into

Take my words, my songs and my soul
Take it all, for to me they are but a diary of foul
Take my hand, and I will be utterly grateful
Take my soul, and I will be at last, peaceful