Pycon India 2014

Pycon India 2014

Pycon India conference held on 27th, 28th in Nimhans Convention Centre, bangalore and it was bigger and more awesome than last year. I met quite a number of fascinating people from the field only to realize that all I learnt in past one year was mere a 0.001% of all that development that occurred in the field. Need to keep up! Aye.

Last year when I visited Pycon India 2013, I was a group of friends and we sat in the corner and coded on our stuffs, attended all the talks, and it was basically a complete waste. It took me one year to realise that the true spirit of these meet-ups is to meet new people. So, this time I did. Met new people, the projects they are working on, the new frameworks they recently checked out and numerous stuffs that I can contribute to. It was an amazing experience all together.

Last year I missed the keynote, so this year I made sure I was there on time. 🙂 Kushal Das gave his amazing journey through his clouds and somehow it seemed so easy to code when they says so! Day 2 keynote was given by Michael Foord. So, what we learn is that anybody can start learning at anytime. There’s no clock on development whatsoever. The best talk I loved was by Anand S on Faster data processing. The food was awesome. And environment thriving with brilliant minds.


Audi 1Talk in Audi 1 Lunch time @ pycon India 2014

And that’s all for a few random clicks around the Pycon India 2014 event. 😀

Functionality is an asset, code is a liability.


Hope to be back for Pycon 2015 😀