Leaving college life can be quite the thing. That amount of independence, fun, never-ending party, nobChangesody can deny to miss that. But above all what everybody actually does miss is the never-getting-bored part. I recall it’s only a year ago, when my seniors got job in the same company that recruited me and left them at home for a lil less than a year. And I thought “Wow! If I had that much chance at home, I would probably learn a lot and do a lot of things that I don’t get to do in normal course obf life.” Oh my! Why do the worst of wishes have to come true. Now, I’m dead bored and it’s only a lil over a month. I’ve actually NOT learnt anything new or even recovered what I forgot. Even still the urge for that seems no less than required. I just feel like I wanna getusy. Come on, sent me joining letter and get me some place busy in life. So does shout my fellow mates. Certainly this has been the most boring vacation ever.

Times and people do change but sometimes some people you don wanna change. Cause they were so perfect before, you wish they had been the same forever. But alas, whoever listens to the friendly voice. All people listen to is the sound and chatter of people wanting to destroy your life. Sooner or later everyone changes. Hard truth of life! Sometimes you just draw distance myself cause you take the change that once you considered closest show. you don’t want that perfect image of theirs to leave your mind. So you just in turn become all alone and left out cause you never had any real friends anyway. All there were were the people who wanted business, after all that’s what life is. You give me a favour and I’ll return sometime. Nobody is there without their own self-motivated conscience. Doesn’t matter actually. Eventually everyone has to live alone. The sooner you learn that, the better I suppose. Well, if it is of any consolation, even I changed. Yes, courtesy to the ones who’s change I couldn’t deal with. So sometimes being busy is all you might wanna be. Cause this world is too much to take in and all you would want is some place to duck your head in and wait for times to rollback and commit to the perfect time to your self. Damn, wish this could be done.. Music helps sometimes. A good track sends off to a whole different world, but that momentary thing. Soon you’re thrown back to the world of hell and all you wanna do is blow your head off. All those long night and longer days when you do is wait for that one thing which can turn your mood inside out. Sometimes all you need is an uplift. A little uplift in spirit can work wonders. At least it does for me. 😉 I remember the last time I was happy.. So happy! Damn, it’s been so long..so long ago.. Could someone actually get to the shore when they are not allowed to row, when there is nothing worth rowing for, when the very essence of life has ceased to exist.. What do a man do after his wings has been cut off.. Should he just drag his stuff and continue surviving? Or should he still believe in fate and wait or that one bright morning when he can again start living..

Anyways, at least I got my new macbook pro to keep me company. 😀 Hell yea! You know the happiness can’t escape your face when you’re holding a lifetime of dream in your hands.. 😀 Thankfully not everything is bad after alien attack on our planet 😛 Ah, just kidding! But seriously I would want one alien invasion 😛 At least all a man can want is that one adventure that turns his life around and make him matter once again. For what is life if you just live to survive. I want a life where I survive to live. 😀 Damn how blind can I be.. All my life has been a big adventure. And I’m still alive. Yea of course, ghosts don’t write posts 😛 they got more important things to do. 😛

Waiting for the day till I don’t have to face again a lousy morning, long afternoon, tired evening and lonely nights..