friend or more

What is a friend? Is it not the man who guides you towards the right direction when you are lost in the streets of an unknown place? Is it not the guy who gave you a lift and saved  you the trouble of physical workout? Is it not the critic who pointed out flaws in your work? Is it not the labor who carried you all the way when you were lying bleeding needing some attention?

I would call each of them a friend and every other of them whom I cross over daily on road, at restaurant, on the waiting line, on train. Yet we have a very weird notion of friend.

So, how do u define a friend? A person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations.

Quite the definition. Regardless of what we feel, we do consider this to be truth. Yet, we develop this affection towards each of them without any knowledge of it being mutual. And we spent the whole of our life, with this affection in our hearts and hope that it’s reciprocated the same way we transmit it. No, I ain’t talking about radio frequency here. 😛 But I do believe that it’s best to be acknowledged mutually to consider as a friend. Somehow, we may find it hard to be just friends and might consider being more than what we got. Of course, a human err.. but it is an err. How do we suppress a feeling from not growing into a different form and developing into something else than it is already. Do we kill our emotions? Do we stop talking, looking or even thinking about them? A jeppardy to fall in with no harm, at least not yet. But what happens to the friendship once it is out. Do we throw them away like they didn’t exist? Do we shred the apart and dump them somewhere so deep, as if they never existed? Whatever happens, once it is out, it is out. It ain’t going back in and we know it. We look in the eyes and see that thin line disappearing and turning into a bright light and requires a receiver that somehow willingly or unwillingly we are unable to provide for. Slowly the faces disappear and we think that the disaster just passed by. Lest do we realise that the storm remained and it develops within.

So, who is to be considered a friend? I mean to very much account for my own selfish motives at first and yet respond to the one I accounted for with selfless prejudice. An irony indeed, though given the amount of weightage seems so lightly to be taken. After all, we are humans and humans make mistakes. But if the mistake is repeadtedly time and again, it of course is not a mistake. It turns into a gesture, which of course falls completely on the observer eyes to judge between just or unjust and act accordingly.

Sometimes, the dream is more pleasant that reality, but that doesn’t mean we continue dreaming. After all, we all sooner or later have to wake up to reality. The only choice we got is, what reality would we choose it to be?