deja vu

We’ve all experienced at some point of life something that mere physics call as deja vu, or a feeling of already experienced the present situation. But what if that’s true. We might think, it must have been some dream we had, some of us think it’s cause of some inner physic ability that allows us to foresee the future, hence the effect. But what if it’s all cause of a simple disrupter in the time frame of the space-time continuum.

For years, there has been speculations about time travel. Einstein described in his Theory of relativity himself so. We know theoretical particles called tachyons. But these all theory. Time as we know is like a river, which flows continuously in a certain direction, whatever we do or not do, it still flows. I ain’t defying it either. We’ve seen it in our movies, tv series, fictions, about future people time travelling to present and warning their younger self about the events to occur and then we are all saved. But what if that’s not possible. Let’s say, for argument sake, that if the same bodies came into the same space, at the same time, the very notion of space-time uncertainty will be defied and the space or time frame will get a crack or a bang through it. Maybe that’s what happened during big bang but I ain’t talking about it now. So, if same bodies can not occupy the same space-time frame, then one of them has to be destroyed. But matter can not be destroyed. So, what happens to the future body if it does manages to travel through time?

For our theory sake, let’s name the body as “Guddu”. The future guddu as “Fuddu” (I know it sounds funny). Anyways, So, fuddu travels back in time to warn guddu about the accident that’s gonna happen(suppose so). But fuddu and guddu can not exist together. So, how does fuddu reach here?

Now, we said, matter can not occupy the space-time frame, but our conscience ain’t matter. So, fuddu does travel back in time, with a little conscience that is required to warn guddu. But guddu though feels a bit odd about the car(say it’s a car accident), still hesitatingly gets in and drives away, Conscience is something we can not control. So, even though the future message was received, the execution of it was highly unlikely given the amount of top it took to travel, the brain simply weighs it down under the present circumstances and continues the destined route. The accident happens anyway but this time, guddu feels a sudden sense of deja vu, like he has been in the same situation before. But he is still helpless on what he’s supposed to do.

What if we’ve all been travelling in time all the while trying to prevent all great accidents and results and consequences only we are unaware of them resulting in an atmosphere of despair only after the event has occurred and all we can do is keep sailing the river of time..