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Part-broken, Part-whole

It has been three years and I finally broke my bonds with my best friend. This best friend concept is something some of us can do without. I went through school looking at others pairing up and for some reason we were always odd numbered in class. So that meant one person got left out and had to be painfully injected into a happy twosome to create an awkward trio.

That was me. I was also that kid that you didn’t want on your softball team because from the looks of it I wasn’t much good for anything. Truth is, I could pulp the shit out of that ball with the maiden strike. The kids didn’t know. They were stuck with me and started rolling their eyes and kicking the dirt when it was finally my turn.

Kids like that don’t have best friends. Kids like that, like me, hardly…

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Regardless what you think of infographics (and personally, I think they’re largely a pustulent, suppurating boil on the bloated arse of the internet) there are some good, useful ones out there. However, these are vastly outweighed by the thousands of utterly ghastly, misleading, poorly-referenced and pointless ones.

Because I’ve been on holiday for the last week, my levels of rage and misanthropy have dropped somewhat from their usual DEFCON-1-global-thermonuclear-war-the-only-winning-move-is-not-to-play levels, so I thought trying to find the absolute worst neuroscience-related infographics on the web might be a good way to top the vital bile reserves back up again. And oh boy, was I right. There are some doozies.

First up is this purple and blue monstrosity titled ’15 things you didn’t know about the brain.’ Here we learn (amongst other howlers) that the capacity of the brain is 4 terabytes, men process information on the left side while women use…

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