So, the summer passed by with me @ Kolkata and it was a good experience. By now, I had been quite acquainted with the living alone stuff and I was enjoying it rather. Meeting new people, visiting new places, it was all so fun. In fact now, I preferred this life.Quite a few changes happened in the process but hell, I was too busy enjoying and getting amazed to notice what I was becoming..
Sophomore year
Anyways, Coming back to college, I was much bolder and smarter  😛 or so I felt. There was this mixed feeling that clouded my, in fact most of friend’s thoughts. Ragging was not over 😛 but we were given complete freedom on returning to hostel on time, so it was like a jail breaking time and we were all excited about it. We started staying out late and returning only to dine or sleep or classes, etc. But soon all those became boring and college clubs started to pour in all sorts of classes and responsibilities. There was just so much I wanted to do and time seemed so unfair when you have to do alot. 🙂

Anyways, I started with Abhishek da’s help web designing and development. I did a bit of coding in junior school too but most of them was for fun and never actually thought that to be serious 😛 Soon, I got in touch with some old school friends and found out how deprived I was from the real world and that the real world was far beyond my reach. So, I paced up.. Now, among my strongest suite,  what I can do best is learn fast. Soon, I was coding in Java, C and a python beginner with html, css, js up my sleeve. Hell I thought and continued when semester exams got in between and the various clubs namely a few that I got involved with dragged us to classes 😛 CFI, Literary Society were the ones where I actually went to. And then there was so much happening in there. Time sure flew by and I got but a few glimpses only of how quick I lost control over myself and let my horse run wild..
I also Started blogging around this time only. 😀 Here’s my old blog  Had to discontinue it for a couple of controversies 😉

So, winter came by now and I went to Delhi for vacation to my pintu’s place. It was a fun winter and the best Christmas and New year I ever had. A memorable trip it was 🙂 My first visit to a Spanish concert. Wow! It was amazing 😀 And the rest of my stay too was legen- wait for it- dary 😀 Yes it was 😉 I had an even longer holiday planned in Delhi with a training @ HCL, South Ex but had to cancel it and come down to college cause apparently our HOD called us in early. Damn it was a total waste cancelling that training.

Anyway I was back in college and we were again busy bees in the midst of all that silent humming. Which we never anticipated would sound so loud. My roommate during that time got committed and hence he became unavailable too. Either way, the even semester days were busy and not. I spent my evenings at anupam’s pg with somesubra both of them being my previous roommates moved out of hostel. 😛 It’s funny cause SomeSubhra came in hostel in mid 1st sem and he left in 3rd Sem and again came back in 5th Sem 😛 Either way, It was more or less a dragster semester with less to do in it.

So, the next summer I was going back kolkata. 😉