First time out of home. Excited, Enthusiastic, Dreamer, Afraid, Protective and all those things that you can think of in the early days of college life..

All those years at home where you never had to actually do anything. There’s always been a mom and a dad to take care of everything that you ever wanted. Of course nobody gets what they always wanted but at least you never had to turn a bone to get anything to needed. No suddenly you are in-charge and you need to get everything by yourself. Damn it! Who the hell made these rules anyway! How can you expect a kid to do everything by himself when he never cooked his own coffee in his previous 17 years of life @ home.
Anyways, somehow it’s more or less the same with everyone, why the hell am i complaining about it. Stumbled through my JEE exams and I reached the doors of Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College. Seems like a lifetime ago now. πŸ™‚


Freshman Year

Over the years movies and newspapers have shown extensive melodrama over ragging. And that was one of the loud voices that I heard about the college too. In fact the only loud voice that I heard about my current college. So I had a quite a lot on my mind when I first came to college but all that just shattered down as I went to the first day of college. But more interesting was the night before when my roommate didn’t get any sleep from him waking up and looking out of the door peeping and waking me up cause he thought he saw someone raging. Least that he knew it didn’t even begin yet. πŸ˜› So, both us got up somehow and went college next day. Β Trust me, all that Van Wilder and American Pie shit is only shit.. You won’t be getting any in here at least cause there ain’t any.. Anyways, the whole place was huge and it took like forever to find my class and my roommates. Oh wait, my roommates Anupam, Abhishek. Abhishek didn’t show up till a week or two and anupam. Well, let’s just say he was lost in a kind of his own world revolving around his gf, himself and his gf. πŸ˜› So the first day, hell the first time I met my classmates.. All intelligent minds gathered up and ready take down the world. And so continues the advanced version of school life. And they said we need to live like this. But we didn’t come all this way to live a school life. Wearing formals and following rules.
I’m quite good at making friends and in a few days I knew almost half the class and the other half via them. And then came P, my other roommate. He lived before in a hostel and he was quite the experienced one among us. So, we did what he said to do which was mostly he always slept whenever anybody came in. -_- So, we needed to re-discover ourselves and we did actually, quite a lot of changes.


It was more of a make me laugh by doing crazy shit thing.
We didn’t knew what we were doing and why we were doing. We just did cause someone asked us to do. And we laughed so much about it when we came back to our rooms. This one time I was asked to sing and I can’t sing shit. So, I tried the only song I knew I could πŸ˜› And I was scared so I Β forgot even that. And that song became a poem and I was reciting it before I even realized. Soon I was asked to stop. πŸ˜› Sleepless nights with all the crazy shit and blabber in our ears, useless lectures with stuff that you already knew from before, no girls. Life couldn’t have been worse.
Just a few weeks passed by and everyone planned on a mass bunk. Dude, that was fun πŸ˜€ But soon everything started becoming monotonous specially with all the rules like getting back in hostel by 6pm, which was fine at first cause I used to living in home. But then there was this no electricity and no water scenario came. And we were asked to fetch water from a nearby canteen. So, we came out fetched our water and then went on to take a free tour around the campus at midnight, which was all fine and great except that we got caught while returning by some seniors who shouted at us to stop and we ran.. Damn, fools we were πŸ˜› Anyways, we somehow struggled through the walls to climb up to our rooms cause obviously we couldn’t come in through main door. It was past enter time already. Still some idiot gave us up and we found ourselves standing in front of them in next 15 minutes. It was mere one crazy act to many and we enjoy and cherish em for life.

Transition State

With FriendsEverybody has a transition state in their life. To me it was this first year in college. For the first time I felt the lack of female species and hence necessity is the mother of invention. Well of course I didn’t invent anything but I did re-invent myself. πŸ˜‰ Oh those were crazy times. And I was more crazy than even I knew. For the first time I saw people getting beaten down and real bad on their birthdays πŸ˜› Oh it was fun I admit πŸ˜› Many people from all over places taught many different things. Learnt to keep unity.
And then I was back at myself. Facebook never seemed more friendly than before. We were not allowed laptops in 1st semester so I brought my laptop in 2nd semester. Wi-fi was great but there were download restriction but hell with that. We ere computer science students after-all πŸ˜‰ Then came the love-life, which was brief of course. Some perks of being a teen and yea I just turned 18 πŸ˜› Β So, After a brief period of time, life was taking it’s own pace and I didn’t even realize when I changed so much yet not changing at all!

The first years are the most difficult ones they say. But the fun was most too they never said. Β πŸ˜‰