Isha is the name of the new slideshow app in Android that I’ve been working on. Only last day I completed it with icon and everything and is now upload along with it’s source code on my github page. Now of course there’s a lot of chances of improvement and I’ll get on with them as soon as I’m done with my last EmailReader app, which is pending from a long time now and I’m stuck in the Mime/Types body section.

Anyways, had a great Diwali at college and jalpaiguri where all of us friends roamed and ate around. For the first time saw jalpaiguri lighted up so well. 😛 Frankly, jalpaiguri shuts down at 9 sleeps at 10 😛 But only these few days saw this sudden flow of people and even I was out roaming late 😛 Fantastic feastival of lights. 😀
Sometimes, the darkest corers and found in the brightest of places and the brightest of streets pave way to the darkest of ends. #StoryOfLife

Signing out..